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The changes you must file with the Registrar

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We’re moving to a new system shortly – if you have changes to register, please file online as soon as possible, or get them to us before 1pm Friday 13 September

We’re preparing to move our Incorporated Societies and Charitable Trusts registers to a new system at the end of September.

If you have changes to make, financial statements due or need to incorporate a new society or charitable trust board, please do this before 1pm Friday 13 September. Any posted documents must also be received by us before this time.


After incorporation a charitable trust has an ongoing obligation to update certain information with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.



Registering an alteration to your rules or a variation to the trust

A charitable trust board needs to provide a copy of a change to the rules of a trust or a change to the trust itself to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies within a month of the change being approved.

The two types of changes that must be registered are:

  1. An alteration to the rules, typically administrative such as a change of trustees or officers, procedures around appointments, resignations, meetings and changes to the powers of a board under section 23(2) of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 (the Act).
  2. A variation to the trust, typically a more significant change, often involving property. These changes need to be certified by a trustee or a member of the governing committee of the society with the following statement “I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the trust deed or rules of the [Name of Trust Board]” placed on the document (usually on the cover page) under section 23 (1) of the Act. A statutory declaration is also required for a variation to the trust.


Although there is no prescribed form for notifying the Registrar, you can use a cover sheet that will assist with registering the change. 


Changing the name of your charitable trust board

After a board has changed its name by resolution it needs to apply to the Registrar to change the name on the register.

The name you choose for your trust board cannot be identical or deceptively similar to that of another charitable trust board or other body corporate. Make sure the name is available to use.

Although there is no prescribed form for notifying the Registrar of a change of name, you can use a cover sheet that will assist with registering the change. 


Once the name has been approved, the Registrar will enter the new name in the Register and will send an updated certificate of incorporation to the board.


Changing the address of your charitable trust board

If your charitable trust board changes its registered office then you need to let the Registrar know within one month of the change.

Either complete the change of contact details form to notify the Registrar of a change of address or update the address online using our online services.


Changes to other organisational details (optional)

Charitable trust boards have the option of providing additional information about themselves using our online services – address for premises, website address, description of the trust’s purpose and details of the trustees.


Making changes online

Changes to the trustees of a trust board, the board’s addresses and other organisational details can be updated online on this website – details you can add or update include: 

  • The address for premises (for example: the location of the facilities)
  • A website address for the charitable trust,
  • A description of the trust's purpose, and
  • The name and contact details of trustees.


Note | It's not mandatory to supply this information; it can be a useful way of promoting the charitable trust and providing alternative contact details that will be helpful to both the Registrar and the public.


Last updated 23 August 2019