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Are you part of a charitable trust? Incorporated society? Or registered union?

12 February 2019

Get ready! 

Change is coming to these registers, and the website that currently hosts them ( So why not manage change before change manages you?

Incorporated societies, charitable trusts and registered unions will be moving to a new website later this year. As part of this change, these types of organisations will be required to appoint at least one authorised person to:

  • create an account on the new website, and
  • be validated to operate that account.


Through these actions, the appointed person will be able to manage information about their entity online. That person will be able to update entity details and file information online – such as annual financial accounts.

“These new websites will make things easier for users,” says Lawrence Wells, National Manager, Business Registries. “We have been updating our websites over the last couple of years, some of them – such as – is 15 years old plus. We need to keep up with expectations of users of our websites. By providing a much more modern website, users will be able to keep more information up to date online.”

What you need to do right now

If you're a part of a charitable trust, incorporated society or registered union, you can get ready by managing your entity’s information now:

  • Update all your contact information on — your registered office address, entity email and phone number
  • Be sure your registry key is at hand (that’s the number — just like a password — you were given when you registered your entity. If you haven’t got it, we’ll send it to your official postal and email addresses later in the year).