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Charities Services

Charities Services is responsible for registering and monitoring charitable organisations in New Zealand, as well as providing support and education to the charitable sector on good governance and management.

Charities Services' role is to:

  • maintain and monitor a register of charities
  • receive annual returns and monitor the activities of charities
  • promote public trust in charitable organisations
  • provide education and assistance to the charitable sector
  • encourage best practice in governance and use of resources
  • stimulate and promote research about the charitable sector
  • provide advice on matters relating to charities.


Registration is both voluntary and free.  Charities registered with Charities Services are exempt from income tax (including resident withholding tax), and donors of gifts to registered charities don’t have to pay gift duty.  Once registered, organisations need to file annual returns and notify Charities Services if certain information about their organisation changes.

The Charities Services' website is the place where charitable organisations can find information and apply online for registration under the Charities Act 2005, and members of the public can search for details of registered charities. 

Visit the Charities Services' website now.


Last updated 11 March 2015


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