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When do you need to file financial statements?

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We’re moving to a new system shortly – if you have financial statements due, please file online as soon as possible, or get them to us before 1pm Friday 13 September

We’re preparing to move our Incorporated Societies and Charitable Trusts registers to a new system at the end of September.

If you have changes to make, financial statements due or need to incorporate a new society or charitable trust board, please do this before 1pm Friday 13 September. Any posted documents must also be received by us before this time.


Financial statements should be filed with the Registrar after they’ve been submitted to and approved by the members of the society at a general meeting e.g. at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The deadline for filing is the end of the month after the AGM. For example, if the AGM month is July, the financial statements are due to be filed before 31 August.


How will you know when to file?

The Registrar will send a reminder letter to your society around the time of your AGM advising when the financial statements are next due to be filed. This reminder is sent to the address for communication provided to the Registrar. A final reminder is sent to the registered office address.

Ultimately the society’s officers are responsible for ensuring that filing obligations are met. Reminders are sent as a courtesy to help societies to comply on time with their reporting obligations.

Note | You should check that the society’s contact details are up to date on the Register so reminders are sent to the correct address. You can update these details using our online service.


What should you do if you're outside the filing deadline?

We understand that circumstances can sometimes mean you can’t file your financial statements on time. We now have an online service for requesting a filing extension.

Send us your request for an extension for filing a financial statement.


Last updated 23 August 2019