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Restoring a society

If the Registrar of Incorporated Societies is satisfied that a society is still carrying on its operations, the Registrar can restore the society to the register.

Once the restoration has been completed the society is revived as if it had never been removed.

Read section 28 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 for more information. 


How do you apply to restore a society to the register?

A society may apply to be restored by sending the following to the Registrar:

  1. A formal request in writing that the society be restored, including confirmation that the society is still operating.
    Download Form IS6 | Request to restore an incorporated society to the register [PDF 85KB]
  2. At least the last three years of annual financial statements that have not been filed, together with the financial statement cover sheet (Form IS4) for each statement.
    Download Form IS4 | Cover sheet – Financial statements for an incorporated society [PDF 70KB]
  3. If the society’s rules have changed, include a signed copy of the rule changes, with the alteration of rules certificate; or submit a full set of rules if the Registrar does not hold a copy on the register.
    Download Form IS2 | Certificate - Alteration of rules [PDF 66KB]
  4. $204.45 restoration fee.


Applications by a creditor

Where a creditor is requesting that a society be restored to the register, they only need to supply:

  1. A letter requesting that the society be restored to the register and giving the reason why, and
  2. the $204.45 fee.


How is the application processed?

  • The application will be reviewed to ensure all requirements are met and any outstanding documents with the correct certifications have been submitted.
  • The application and revocation of dissolution are processed on the same day.
  • All outstanding documents for the society will be registered.
  • The applicant will be notified by letter of the outcome of the request.
  • The Registrar will give public notice of all restored societies monthly in the New Zealand Gazette.


Last updated 29 September 2015