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The rules must set out requirements for meetings.

How meetings will be held

A general meeting is a meeting that all society members are invited to attend. The rules must set out how general meetings are called, run and how voting is conducted.

  • How members are notified of a general meeting
    For example, does notification need to be in writing? What sort of notice period is required.
  • How the meeting will be run
    For example, the number of members required to make a quorum, who can propose agenda items and how.
  • Voting rights at the meeting
    For example, life members may have two votes, while ordinary members have one.


The rules may also cover:

  • Whether there will be different types of general meetings.
  • Annual general meetings - usually where office holders and committees are elected, accounts are considered, the year's activities reviewed and plans made for the year ahead.
  • General meetings held on a more regular basis.  For instance, some societies may hold monthly general meetings.
  • Special general meetings - called when required to discuss urgent business such as to alter the rules.
  • Other types of meetings that the society may wish to hold.  For example, committee meetings. 


Last updated 25 September 2015