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How do you change the rules of a society?

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An incorporated society can alter its rules. It's worthwhile reviewing your society’s rules every few years to ensure that they are still relevant to your society. The society may want to consider taking legal advice in relation to any rule alterations that it wishes to make.

An alteration to the rules of a society must be done according to the procedures outlined in the existing set of registered rules that govern the society. Any changes to the rules must also comply with the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.

An alteration takes effect when it has been registered by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies. Until the alteration is registered the existing rules must be followed. You can check to see when rule changes are registered by searching the register of incorporated societies. Learn how to search the register.

[internal link] Search the register. Conduct a free online search now.


How to file a change of rules

  • Use the Registrar's form 'Certificate for alteration of rules' when filing a change of rules.
    Download form IS2: Certificate for alteration of rules [PDF 49KB]
  • You must supply either a complete copy of the updated rules with the alterations highlighted or a copy of the particular rule (or rules) that were altered.
  • The copy of the alteration to rules must be signed by three members of the society.
  • The certificate for alteration of rules needs to be signed by an officer or solicitor of the society.
  • If the rule alteration includes a name change of the society, you should check that the name is able to be used by your society. Please also ensure you tick the box in the checklist on Form IS2 to confirm that the alteration of rules includes a name change for the society. Read more about changing the society's name
  • It is FREE to register an alteration of rules. 


Two ways to file

There are now two ways to file rule changes with the Registrar -

  1. using an online form or
  2. by the traditional method of posting them in. 


Last updated 29 September 2015