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What records should you keep?

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In addition to maintaining a register of members, societies should consider what other types of information or records they need to retain. What your society may need to keep will be affected by its size and structure and by the activities it undertakes.


Financial records

Documentation that should be retained to enable a society to complete its financial records would include:

  • a numbered receipt book and duplicate copy
  • a bank deposit book
  • all current and used cheque books
  • all bank statements
  • all invoice and payment authorisations
  • a receipts and payments journal
  • a petty cash payments book.


All these items are readily available from a commercial stationer.


A register of members

The Act requires that every society keep a register of all its members. For each member the register should record:

  • their name,
  • their address, and 
  • the date they became a member.


The Registrar can require a society to provide a list of all members and for that list to be verified by an officer of the society. 


Common seal

All societies must adopt a common seal on incorporation. The rules of the society will set out when the common seal should be used and how. Generally it is used on legal documents and contracts that the society enters into.

A common seal is usually a rubber stamp that includes the name of the society and the words "common seal". Contact a commercial stationer for information about ordering a seal.


Last updated 29 September 2015