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What must be included in the application form?

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You will need to enter the following information on the application form:


You must also include the application fee of $102.22 and a copy of the society's endorsed rules.



Name of society

The name of your incorporated society must not be identical or deceptively similar to that of another incorporated society or other body corporate operating in New Zealand.

Your application will be returned to you if the name you have chosen is unavailable.


Registered office address

This must be an actual physical address, for example '6 High Street, Wellington'.  You cannot use a post office box, private bag or DX address as the registered office.


Address for communication

This is the address to which the Registrar will usually send communications, for example reminders to file annual financial statements. 

The address for communication can be either a postal or a physical address. 

Where possible, you should also supply an email address (the email address will not be visible on the website, it will only be used by the Registrar as a point of contact).


AGM filing month

You will also need to advise which month the society will usually hold its annual general meeting (AGM). 



Details of the person completing the form

These details enable us to contact the appropriate person if there are any issues with the application.  This person will also be sent the certificate of incorporation when the society is registered.



A certificate must be completed by an officer of, or solicitor for, the society who should also sign the first page of the rules that are being submitted.

The certificate confirms that:

  • a majority of the members have consented to the application for incorporation, and
  • the rules attached to the application were approved for registration.


Names and signatures of 15 members

The form must be signed by 15 members.

Members of an incorporated society can be individuals or corporate bodies (for example, other incorporated societies, companies or charitable trusts).  For the purpose of making up the 15 members necessary to file the application, a corporate body counts as three members and individual members count as one member.

For example, an application could be signed by:

  • 15 individual members, or
  • five corporate body members, or
  • a combination of both.


Individual members must provide their name and address. 

An officer or director of a corporate body can sign on its behalf or alternatively use the corporate body's common seal (if it has one).

Signatures must be witnessed

Each signature of an individual must be witnessed, a witness is able to witness more than one signature.

Your application will be rejected if a person signs the form both as a member and as a witness.


Get the forms you need

[Download a PDF form] This link will open in a new window. Download the form you need to apply for incorporation (Form IS1) [PDF 113KB] 


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Last updated 29 September 2015