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Union membership return report 2013

Section 16 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 requires every registered union to file an annual membership return. The returns for 1 March 2013 are presented below.


As at 1 March 2013 there were 138 registered unions with a total membership of 371,613. This union membership represents 16.6% of the total employed force (March 2013 Household Labour Force Survey), and 20.1% of wage/salary earners for the period that period (March 2013 Household Labour Force Survey). The total number of union members has declined by 2.0% since March 2012. The total employed labour force increased 0.3% over the same period.



Of the unions that provided returns, 41.1% have fewer than 100 members. While the average number of members per union is 2815, the median is 136 members. The 10 largest unions account for 79.3% of the total union membership. More women (57%) than men are union members.


Membership trends 2008-2013

  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Union membership 373,327 387,959 379,649 384,644 379,185 371,613
% total employed labour force 17.4 17.9 17.4 17.4 17.0 16.6
% wage/salary earners   21.5 20.9 20.9 20.5 20.1
% change in union membership -0.9 +3.9 -2.1 +1.3 -1.4 -2.0
% change in employment force -0.2 +1.9 -0.1 +1.8 +0.7 +0.3


Membership numbers 2013

Union name Numbers

Alloy Yachts Employees Federation Incorporated 217
Alternative Staff Group 134
Amalgamated Workers Union 41
Amalgamated Workers Union New Zealand Southern Incorporated 3,950
Ambulance Officer's Workplace Union Incorporated 50
Associated Council Employees 74
Association of Professional & Executive Employees Incorporated 2,135
Association of Ritchies employees (Albany) Inc 17
Association of Salaried Medical Specialists 3,891
Aviation and Marine Engineers Association Inc 2,416
Bay of Plenty Regional Council Staff Association Inc. 223
Bay Road & Quarry Workers Incorporated 75
Bay Union Group Inc 370
Bureau Staff Association Incorporated 151
Canterbury and Regions Totalisator Employees Association Incorporated 157
Cape Foulwind Drivers & Operators & General Workers Union 25
Central Amalgamated Workers Union Incorporated 3,771
Central Staff Collective Incorporated 136
Christ's College Academic Staff Association Inc 69
Combined Employees Association Inc 503
Combined Hospital Individual Contracts Collective Union Inc N/R
Corrections Association of New Zealand Inc 2,500
DOTSE Staff Association Inc 54
Eastern Bay Independent Industrrial Workers Union 1995 Incorporated 52
Eastern Civil Engineers Union Incorporated 90
Electrical Union 109
Featherston Mill Workers 18
Federation of Air New Zealand Pilots 177
FIRST Union 29,531
Flight Attendants and Related Services (NZ) Association Inc 1,779
GCSB Blenheim Employees Association Inc 15
Hastings District Council Employees Society Inc 126
Hawkes Bay Workers Union Incorporated 7
HHB Workers Union Inc 60
Hostel Managers Association Inc 11
Hutt Valley Society of Independent Bus Drivers Inc 60
IAG NZ Staff Association Inc 553
Independent Electrical Workers Union 1995 Inc 38
King's College Teachers Association Inc 76
M.E.U Society Incorporated 101
Manufacturing & Construction Workers Union Incorp. 1,475
Maritime Union of New Zealand Inc 2,627
Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (New Zealand) Incorporated 613
Midwifery Employee Representation & Advisory Service Incorporated 741
Napier City Council Staff Association Inc 132
National Union of Public Employees Inc 1,369
Nelson Collective Union Incorporated 107
New Plymouth District Council Staff Association 189
New Zealand Airline Pilots Association Industrial Union of Workers Inc 2,229
New Zealand Ambulance Association Incorporated 101
New Zealand Baking, Pastrycooking & Related Industries Employees Union Inc 660
New Zealand Central Baking Trades & Related Trades Employees Union Inc 21
New Zealand Dairy Workers Union Inc 6,900
New Zealand Educational Institute Inc 50,972
New Zealand Executive Fire Officers Society Incorporated 44
New Zealand Fishing Industry Guild Inc 563
New Zealand Furniture Manufacturing and Associated Workers Union Inc 190
New Zealand Halal Slaughtermen Union Inc 121
New Zealand Meat Workers and Related Trades Union Inc 14,131
New Zealand Medical Laboratory Union 1,130
New Zealand Merchant Service Guild Industrial Union of Workers Inc 738
New Zealand Netball Players Association Incorporated 60
New Zealand Nurses Organisation Inc 46,628
New Zealand Police Association Inc 11,060
New Zealand Police Officers' Guild Inc 190
New Zealand Postal Workers Federation Incorporated 1,200
New Zealand Post-Primary Teachers Association Inc 17,157
New Zealand Professional Drivers and Transport Employees Association Inc 42
New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union Inc 1,850
New Zealand Professional Footballers' Association Inc 65
New Zealand Public Service Association Incorporated 58,500
New Zealand Resident Doctors Association Inc 2,400
New Zealand Tertiary Education Union (NZTEU) 10,177
New Zealand Tramways & Public Passenger Transport Employees Industrial Union 1,150
New Zealand Writers Guild 454
North Island Mussels Employees Union Incorporated 154
Northern Amalgamated Workers Union Incorporated 2,042
Northern Chemical Workers Union 1,048
Northern Totalisator & Allied Employees Assn. Inc 180
Number One Manufacturing Association Inc 144
NZ Advertising Guild & Associates Inc. 200
NZ Employees Union Inc. 40
NZ Tour Drivers Union Inc 42
NZ Van Lines Union Incorporated 52
Omnibus workers Unions Incorporated 35
Pareora Trades Guild Incorporated 12
Port Pro 48
Professional Verifiers' Intjtute Inc 80
Promina Group Staff Association NZ Inc 221
Qantas Employees Collective Inc NC
Rail and Maritime Transport Union Incorporated 4,331
Reunited Employees Association Incorporated 264
Saint Kentigern Teachers' Association Incorporated 108
Sanford Workers Association Timaru Incorporated 52
Secondary Principal's Association New Zealand 78
Shorecare Staff Society Incorporated 31
SLGOU Associates Incorporated 51
South Waikato District Council Staff Association Incorporated 6
Southern Coastal Employees Association 143
Southern Local Government Officers Union Incorporated 1,976
Southland District Council Officers Assoc. Inc 35
St Peter's School, Cambridge, Academic Staff Association 74
St. Margaret's College Teachers Union Inc 87
Taranaki Regional Council Staff Association Inc 114
Tasman Staff Association Incorporated 51
Taxpro Inc 707
Te Kuiti Beef Workers Union N/R
Tertiary Institutes Allied Staff Association Inc 1,769
The Amalgamated Stevedores Union Incorporated 373
The Association of Tutors in Tertiary Institutions Incorporated N/R
The Auckland Society of International Flight Planners R/Other
The Caregivers and Related Employees Independent Association of Staff Inc 225
The Clutha District Council Officer's Association 63
The Customs Officers Association Inc 539
The Farmers Mutual Group Staff Association 16
The Foreign Service Association 492
The Grey District Council Union of Employees Inc 68
The Hawkes Bay Regional Council Satff Union Inc 52
The Independent Schools Education Association Incorporated 659
The New Zealand Amalgamated Engineering Printing & Manufacturing Union Inc 34,519
The NZ Towage, Pilotage and Port Workers Industrial Union Incorporated 8
The Rotorua Peoples Advocacy Union 54
The Royal New Zealand Ballet Union of Employees Inc 36
The Rugby Players Collective Incorporated 750
The Service and Food Workers Union Inc 21,847
The Surfside Employees Association N/R
TIG The Independent Group Incorporated 34
TIG-HW Incorporated 21
Together Incorporated 482
Towers Auckland Employees Union Incorporated 0R
Tuia Union Incorporated 631
Unison Networks Employees Association Inc. 39
Unite Incorporated 6,350
United Fisheries Workplace Union Incorporated 46
Western Bay of Plenty District Council Employees Association Inc 97
Whakatane District Council Employees Association Inc 130
Work & Income Northland Staff Incorporated 49
WSA Inc 110
Total 371,613


Union membership by industry

Industry Female MaleTotal

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing8332,4043,237
Communication Service3,4933,2296,722
Construction and Trade Services3786,8297,207
Cultural and Recreational Services3,0363,5956,631
Electricity, Gas and Water Services5952,7583,353
Finance, Insurance and Business Services5,9813,4359,416
Government Administration and Defence25,12323,15248,275
Health and Community Services80,72419,633100,357
Restaurants and Accommodation3,8154,8968,711
Transport and Storage5,48323,79229,275
Wholesale and Retail8,3165,25713,573
Totals  213,815 157,798371,613


[image] Union membership by industry table - 2013.



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